On this 34th episode of the Ask The Masters podcast we’re going into the trenches with Master Bill Drakeley of Drakeley Pool Company. Bill is a third generation pool builder and a leader in the North American concrete construction industry. Enjoy this master profile episode.

Bill is the first and only pool builder to sit as a Voting Member on the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committee 506 Shotcrete. He is also Chairman of the ACI Pool Shotcrete Subcommittee, and is the former president of the American Shotcrete Association. Advocating for high industry standards through education and training, his technical writings have been widely published.

Bill is also the managing member of Drakeley Industries, an international consulting firm specializing in shotcrete applications, notably providing training for New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority underground subway tunneling projects, the Washington, DC First Street Tunnel project, and the Hudson River Water Tunnel project.

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