On this week’s episode we are joined by Peter Davidson of Current Systems, and lead expert in Lazy Rivers and Swim Jets. This was a fun episode enjoy.

The Riverflow® endless current system by Current Systems has developed a high volume water pumping system which delivers a swimmable current into a swimming pool. This smooth, powerful, silent swimming current is fully adjustable by remote control and capable of holding even world-class swimmers at bay. “The average pool, 25 to 40 feet long is just too short to support effective lap swimming.” says designer Peter Davidson, President of Current Systems. Installation of the Riverflow® system converts the pool to a virtual river, allowing for a myriad of aquatic workouts including endless swimming. New pool construction is trending away from the basic still water pool and incorporating the Riverflow® system into the design. Many higher-end residential landscapes are now including a Lazy River feature which is a swimmable canal surrounding a footbridge accessible island at the center. Whether kayaking, swimming or just floating downstream in an inner tube, this feature adds an extraordinary dynamic to backyard living. 

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