On this 13th Episode of the Ask The Masters podcast we’re joined by Thomas Thomas of Infinity Pools and we discuss some architectural fundamentals, the benefits of taking a Genesis Architectural class and competition in the industry. Enjoy.

Understanding the architecture of both built structures and the surrounding landscape will enable watershape designers to coordinate details and relate the water elements back to the surrounding environment in an appropriate way. It is easy to find examples of pools that clearly do not reflect the style of the home. They are usually the result of a production-type builder that is only comfortable replicating the same pool they have built many times. However, when the pool is well-designed to match the home’s architecture, the effect can be breathtaking and add real value to the property. This process can only begin after a basic understanding of architectural styles – the palette from which we draw from. These pools not only reflect the home but also the surrounding landscape.

Infinity Pools is a family owned & operated custom swimming pool construction company that specializes in building luxury swimming pools as well as large backyard renovations.  They’re fully licensed, bonded and insured and are very proud of their growing relationships with their clientele.

 As a GENESIS Associate, Infinity Pools is committing to maintaining the highest industry standards and leading technology through continuing education and support within the program.  Genesis professionals are sought after by elite architects and clients that demand the most innovative and highest in quality in the design and construction of swimming pools.

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