Pay-Per-Click advertisers aren’t tracking PPC (correctly). At best they’ve set up conversions in Google AdWords (Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and maybe they’ve established some goals in a web stats program like Google Analytics. The problem is that many PPC advertisers are not pure e-commerce shops. Brett Abbott says: I’ll tell you the challenge I had, and I think it’s exactly the challenge my clients have had. They always say, hey, who can I who do you recommend? Are these guys any good? That can be good. And it’s tough to know. I mean, the truth is sometimes you got to throw ten thousand twenty thousand thirty thousand dollars at a PPC agency before you realize you just wasted thirty thousand dollars. Well, the good news is, you know, whether or not it was wasted. The bad news is you blew all that money. So it’s been a challenge. In fact, I have to without naming names, I have to tell you. That I briefly partnered with a PPC agency, that they were good, they talked a great game and they were focused on the pool industry, and I sent 50 of my clients over to them. And within six months, 48 of those clients came back to me and said, these guys are crooks. This isn’t working. I’m not getting the results. They had 48 reasons, but all of them said we fired them. Please find us someone else. So I’ve constantly been on the search. I was thrilled when I met you and saw your presentation at your craft meeting. I could tell you knew what the heck you were talking about. So let me throw this in your lap. I’ll tell you what I believe are the two biggest hot buttons and the kind of the same thing. But for any pool or probably any business owner, but especially pool companies, they want results, whether it’s a thousand bucks a month or ten thousand bucks a month. They want results and they want a return on investment. And the challenge has been, well, it was always the same thing. Brett, I don’t know if this is work and how do we know if this is work? How do I know if this is paying for itself? So I’m gonna dump that in your lap, baby, and let you run with it. What how do we deal with that challenge? Because it’s driving me crazy. FOLLOW ASK THE MASTERS ON FACEBOOK: JOIN OUR FREE FACEBOOK GROUP:

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