Pay-Per-Click and search engine marketing are way too complicated for amateurs. That’s why Brett Abbott refers all his clients to “The Professor,” Mr Dane Wiseman. Years ago, Dane was contacted by NYU, the world-famous University in downtown New York, to create their digital marketing program. The Board of Regents was so impressed with Dane that they hired him on the spot, to create a graduate program, and to be the head of the Department.

Brett Abbott says Dane is in fact the smartest guy I’ve ever met when it comes to digital marketing. Now let me tell you the challenge I had, which I think is exactly the challenge my clients have had. They always say, hey, who do you recommend for PPC? Are these guys any good? And it’s tough to know. I mean, the truth is sometimes you have to throw $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 at a PPC agency before you realize you just wasted all that money. It’s a challenge. In fact, without naming names, I have to tell you that some years ago, I partnered with a PPC agency that talked a great game, and was focused on the pool industry. I sent 50 of my clients over to them. And within six months, 48 of those clients came back to me and said, hey these guys are crooks. This isn’t working. I’m not getting any results. They had different reasons, but they all fired them. They said “Please find us someone else.” So I’ve constantly been on the search for a PPC agency I could trust. That’s why I was thrilled when I met Dane and saw his presentation at the Carecraft meeting. I could tell he knew what the heck he was talking about.

So here’s the big question for Dane – whether it’s a thousand bucks a month or ten thousand bucks a month, Pool companies want results. They want a return on investment. So how do we know if this digital marketing is paying for itself?


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