Eric Herman is a well-known and widely read industry writer and editor with more than three decades experience covering all things water. His long history with the industry includes extended stints with Pool & Spa News, AQUA Magazine and he was the founding editor of the original WaterShapes Magazine, and is now editor of the print magazine’s digital descendant, [] Fire systems on pools. I’m a big advocate, have a friend who saved his home years ago, and believe all pools adjacent to areas that might burn should have some type of fire fighting system. I wouldn’t even mind seeing it become a building code requirement in appropriate areas. I’ll dodge any kind of potentially political angle like global warming, fires happen and our clients have an asset they can use to protect their properties. I think that’s indisputable. [] The current frenzy. It’s interesting observing the current demand tsunami from where I sit. The takeaway is that this shows the true value of our industry’s products. You can’t even buy inflatable pools right now. When the going got tough, everyone wanted to go swimming. [] The pivot to digital platforms, WU’s been doing it, ATM is doing it, the IPSPE is only online this year, and there’s an obvious flood of industry-related social media pages and YouTube channels. I think we should spin that into a riff on trade shows, where they’re going, what it will be like when shows come back into our lives, have they become obsolete? Might be a good spot to throw in an Eric story, like my first big show in 1989 when keynote speaker Willard Scott basically told me to buzz off when I asked him for a comment. I had been at P/SN for all of a month and he completely humiliated me in front of all sorts of people. Jules heard about it and almost fired me right there at the show. Good times. FOLLOW ASK THE MASTERS ON FACEBOOK: JOIN OUR FREE FACEBOOK GROUP:

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