Alan Smith joins the podcast today, as he gives us a preview of a groundbreaking product for the pool industry,, specifically pool plastering and beyond, with host Randy Beard.

MICROGLASS SYSTEMS A Plaster Preservation and Renewal System The Microglass System is designed for both new and old pool finishes. New Pools When applied to new pool finishes, the plaster must be finished to the desired look and exposure, if being acid washed. The surface shall be dry or damp to the touch. The material is applied by low pressure spray and then backrolled. Generally the rate of application is 200 square feet per gallon in two coats. Its allowed to dry to the touch and can be filled after 4 hour cure. Existing Pools The surfaces of the existing pool are generally acid washed and then neutralized and pressure washed. Any minor repairs need to be done prior to application. The application rate and application procedures are the same for both new and old pool plaster or pebble surfaces. Microglass Stops Chemical Exchange Between Pool Plaster and The Pool Water Chemical balancing and stabilization is much simpler and constant when the Microglass is applied as specified. Microglass forms a glass like layer around the cement paste or binder around the aggregate, quartz or pebble finish. Stops Dusting and Staining The Microglass chemistry resists staining from adhesion of iron or other contaminants on treated Microglass surfaces. Reduce Micro Cracking On New Plaster and Heals Existing Micro Cracks When applied in accordance with manufacturers instructions, the Microglass System will resist micro shrink cracking and helps to retain moisture for a better cure while filling the pool. Microglass Is Simple, Easy To Apply And Environmentally Safe The non toxic water based formulation allows for the applicator and the final consumer, a long term pool finish that is preserved and restored like no other.

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