We are doing another one of our deep dive multi segment breakdowns of a pool construction project. In Part 2 one of Dave pet projects we’ve got a typical pool, but it’s got a awesome automatic retractable cover system on it. And then we actually have a more even cooler spot that has a mobile phone system in it. And then add to the technicality of the whole project as over the top of the equipment room and the storage tanks underneath. So it’s quite a technical challenge for the project. So I want to introduce URB that’s on the call. I’ve got Tom Dinkle . He’s going to be able to speak to us and cover some of the stuff on the covers. I’ve got Jim Farell , and we’re going to he’s going to go through what we did on the spa. We can obviously do this on just about any scale. We worked with Jim on a number of projects. So from large pools to small spores and any kind of in between.

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